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Why Tinder?

Tinder Software Company is a group of passionate software developers. We pride ourselves in creating productive and usable software that is enjoyable to use.

Our philosophy is to work in short intervals and regularly providing feedback to our customers. This collaborative environment allows the customer to have a clearer understanding of the product being delivered as well as the capability to change direction if something doesn't work out quite the way everyone anticipated.

Greatness in Software

We believe in providing the functionality you want with an experience you will enjoy.

The Beautiful Web

Web development is our passion. Todays browsers have progressed enought that nearly anything that previously needed to be done on a client, can now be performed in a browser. We specialize in providing highly functional and interactive solutions for the web.

There are numerous options out there for web development. While some developers may know C#, PHP, or Java, many experts in these areas tend to know the minimum amount of web development. Some may know how to use libraries like JQuery, few know how to truly leverage JavaScript to provide an immersive and interactive web application. The best way to make truly effective web applications is to master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


  • .Net / C#
  • JavaScript / Node.js
  • HTML / CSS
  • PHP
  • Many More...

Why a Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system is often used when information tends to be consumed moreso than contributed on a site. These systems allow users to easily enter content into a website without needing to know how to format or design the site. This form of abstraction allows us to design an entire website and hand over the reigns to the user to continue adding content into the site.

In addition to content, many CMS systems have the capability of being altered to provide enhanced functionality like e-commerce, reporting, and even tying into external systems. We are familiar with a number of different cms platforms including Umbraco, SharePoint, DotNetNuke, Dupal, and WordPress. Skills include theming, module development, configuration, implementation, and entire setup.

CMS Experience

Business and Enterprise Applications

Just because a product is designed for a business or enterprise, doesn't mean it can't be as intuitive and usable as a consumer based product. We find that this is often overlooked and many business applications result in drab grey screens that focus entirely on functionality and not how the user might best use it. Even though business and enterprise applications tend to be more complicated, we strive to make these applications appear more intuitive and easy to use.

A developer is often able to provide the best solution when they truly understand the problem domain. For this reason, we believe in developers that are able to fill the role of Analyst as well as Developer.

At Tinder, we staff developers that can fill both roles. We have assisted Accounting, Sales, Procurement, Marketing, Engineering, IT, and numerous other functional areas in understanding how best to achieve thier goals. Whether it be a stand-alone application or a web application that integrates with an ERP system such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics, we have had experience in a large number of business and enterprise applications.

Knowledge Domains

  • E-Commerce
  • ERP Integration
  • Product Costing
  • Customer Pricing
  • Security Auditing
  • Mapping / GIS
  • and Others...

Software should be enjoyable to use

There is more to a solution than the sum of its features. It is important to make sure a solution is intuitive, easy to use, and is focused on the user. If a user finds software difficult to use, they often find ways to avoid using it. Avoiding this from the beginning by getting input and perspective early on and throughout the process can result in a much better overall solution.

We believe that the best way to acheive optimal results are to work in an Agile practice. This method of numerous iterations provides better feedback to users and identifies needs for course correction early in the process. This reduces the typical Waterfall method that results in early communication, followed by a period of minimal communication, and then finally seeing the final product. The challenge with the Waterfall approach is that the user often does not see the solution until it is too late to change course (if a change is required).

Unusable sites rarely have the opportunity to showcase their capability.


Devices on the Internet today range in all different flavors and sizes. For this reason, we use responsive design techniques to provide an enjoyable experience from one website for devices ranging from phones to tablets to desktops.


Using Test Driven Development (TDD) provides a greater level of confidence in the code that is produced. These tests are run throughout the development process to ensure that the code behaves as it was originally designed.

That way, when enhancements or modifications are made to the system, these tests can identify issues that may arrise as a result of the changes


A major factor in creating good software is using the right tool for the right job. Often, it is difficult to determine just how popular an application will be or just how many users you might need to support. For this reason, we make every effort to provide a system that can scale to meet your needs.

The key to this, when programming, is not "painting yourself into a corner" by using proper devlopment practices to organize your code and separate concerns. That way, if a bottleneck is identified when an application exceeds its original design, only a small piece needs to be reworked as opposed to the entire applications.


With over 40 years combined development experience, we have a great depth and bredth of knowledge in software development. In particular, our specialty is web applications.


Jeremy White
Kevin Stong